Annual Church Picnic

September 17 2017!

We will be combining our church picnic with CornerstonePiqua AG, again, for a funfilled church picnic. Games, food, fellowship and surprises will be there. 

Fun starts at 1pm in Piqua!

Bringing back the "body zorbs", our 6 foot giant soccer ball, we will have our annual kickball game as well as a "human slingshot"!!

Don't miss this years picnic! we are even going to have a 14 foot giant inflatable for the smaller kids and great food and fun for everyone!!

Bring a side dish to share, your drinks, and a seat to sit in! Main dish will be there hot and ready!

"Drunk in the spirit" movie                 September 14, 7PM

The world's fastest growing sect of Christianity is not Christian at all. And chances are very high that your child and church are getting infected.

The New Apostolic Reformation movement and the Jesus Culture worship band boasts of 369 million adherents. 

Who are these people?

What do they teach?

Why are they such a threat to your family and local church?

Jesus told us that we are to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

The New Apostolic Reformation worships God drunk in the spirit and they teach scant amounts of truth.

Christians do not need to be aware of each and every false teacher on the planet. But the New Apostolic Reformation is the most influential aberrant movement the church has ever seen.

Hosted by Todd Friel of "Wretched" radio and television. 

Main sanctuary September 14, 2017.